Mike Hanson
Mike Hanson

Mike Hanson

Senior Software Engineer


My favorite work involves refactoring and bringing order to legacy systems. I do this by listening, testing, and iterating while moving the project forward.

I love to own projects from cradle to grave. I prefer backend roles where I can architect, design, and develop RESTful API's. I gravitate toward technical leadership roles of small teams. I have experience building CI/CD pipelines with both bare metal and container based deployments. I also have frontend experience, making me a capable full stack developer.

Overall, I seek roles where I am needed the most. If you are looking for a full stack or backend engineer please reach out. I look forward to hearing more about your company!


  • Projects with meaning
  • Lightweight, agile, and autonomous teams
  • Product teams over project teams
  • Individual contributor roles over management


  • Backend/Full stack engineer
  • DevOps experience
  • Continuous Learner
  • Project steward
  • Servant based leader
  • Remote Only USA

Personal Projects


CantMath.com LogoCantMath.com is my front-end playground. The calculators are written in TypeScript without a framework. This keeps the bundle very light for mobile users. At it's peek this project reached over 100K monthly visitors.

Math Command

MathCommand.com LogoMath Command a is game written in TypeScript using the Phaser 3 Game Framework. I created this to fulfill a personal goal of shipping a game.